Google Revamps Search on Mobile Web App Design

August 28, 2015 at 1:33 pm By

If you’re a frequenter to the Google Play app you may have noticed the search is looking a bit different, some might even say better than it has ever looked before. The company has redesigned their search system into an attractive grid display of the app icons when you begin a search.

Former Security Intern Responsible For Android Spyware

at 1:13 pm By

Be careful tech companies, interns are smarter than you think. A former security intern at the FireEye security firm has admitted to designing the malicious software spyware that could have quite dangerous to millions of Android users.

4,000 Ashley Madison Passwords Cracked

August 27, 2015 at 1:44 pm By

Some Ashley Madison users have something in common with many internet users when it came to their security passwords. 4,000 of the underlying plaintext passwords from the leak have been deciphered and you could probably guess some of the passwords that were used. Hint: we mentioned one three times in the first two sentences.

Dark Web Drug Marketplace Agora is Offline

at 1:26 pm By

One of the largest drug marketplaces on the Dark Web is going offline after they reported suspicious activity on their site. Agora’s site operators would like themselves as well as their servers to remain a secret and in order to do so they plan on going offline to strengthen their site incase of future attacks.

Web Designer Tells Facebook How if Should Look

August 26, 2015 at 1:40 pm By

Everyone has had at least one gripe with the way that Facebook has be redesigned in the past. One designer says that there are flaws in it’s current desktop design and offers their opinion of how it should be redesigned with the idea of a flatter design being one of the first things designers might notice in the mock up.

Android Remote-Access Exploit Is Being Used

at 1:19 pm By

It looks like Google and Android have something to worry about as an application is exploiting the Android OS through the Google Play store. The exploit is allowing the application to gain remote-access to the operating systems easily bypassing Google security and user permissions.

Is EverWeb Web Design App Worth $80?

August 25, 2015 at 1:35 pm By

Web designers sometimes struggle with applications or software they use to help them create bold and successful designs. For Mac users, this can be pretty challenging as well. However, MacWorld‘s Nathan Alderman has shone the light on the EverWeb design app that he says should be pretty useful for beginners and professional designers.

Ashley Madison Fights Back Against Hackers

at 1:14 pm By

In the tech industry many companies and sites have begun releasing bounties for bugs and security flaws detected within their system. Ashley Madison, the online relationship-cheating website is taking things to a new level by issuing a $377,000 bounty for the hackers that essentially turned their business upside down.

Pro-Government Twitter Bots V.S. Mexican Activists

August 24, 2015 at 2:07 pm By

There are all types of cyber-hacks out there and in some cases they can be detrimental to accomplishing a larger, greater cause. The Mexican students who set out to protest in Iguala is one of those instances, not because it contributed to the reported capture and killing of the students, but because an attempt to organize and fight against such…

Cyber Car Hacks Are Just Getting Started

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When Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek demonstrated their ability to hack vehicles both with physical contact and purely wireless, they weren’t aware that this would turn into a much larger discussion about safety on the roads. Now reports are saying that this is just the beginning of an “auto-hacking era.”